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French for Employees in Pretoria - Team Building Programs

French is estimated as having 110 million native speakers and 190 million more second language speakers, 115 million of which are in Africa (Source - Wikipedia). Can your company afford not to speak French?

We are firmly convinced that teaching French to Employees when trading with French-speaking businesses provides valuable opportunities for the company and the workers themselves. 

Teaching French provides the employees with the necessary language skills to have a better understanding of the cultural background of the people they are dealing with and, as a consequence, enhances intercompany relationships for a better business outcome. 

Our tutors are available to conduct standard lessons (depending on the students level), or to tailor classes to your companies requirements. 
In order to keep high the level of interest and concentration, we use a wide variety of delivery methods, resulting in higher retention levels and quicker development. 
All our programs are customized on your business and your customers: in every lesson the focus will be on the French business, cultural and technical language used in your required field.

Our programs:
Beginners: Basic French phrases: e.g. greetings, asking somebody’s name, spelling, pronunciation, using formal and informal, giving directions, counting, days and months, etc. 
Post Beginners: Enhancing the French basis: e.g.: expressing feelings, talking about yourself, talking about your job, likes and dislikes, use of the past tense. Intermediatethis course is suited for those who have a good use of the present tense and started to approach sentences in the past. Students will become more confident in making sentences in the present and in the past, and will be taught the future tense.
French for BusinessThis course is tailored on professionals who seek a thorough acquaintance to the French language used in a business environment. 
They will be taught how to write business letters, how to talk on the telephone with French managers, and how to use an accurate language in every circumstance. 
Team building: As Team building projects our classes will involve students in work group and various activities to stimulate the communication within the team and improve its performance.