French Translation Johannesburg, Translation Services Johannesburg, French Translation Cape Town, French Translation Durban, French Translation Pretoria
French Translation Johannesburg, Translation Services Johannesburg, French Translation Cape Town, French Translation Durban, French Translation Pretoria


Conference Interpreting Services

In Conference Interpretation the interpreter sits in a booth, listening through headphones to the speech in the source language and interpretation is done over a microphone to the target audience.

The conference interpreter has to ensure the interpretation is flawless and the message is conveyed accurately. This is the reason our simultaneous interpreters and translators are not academically sound, but we make sure they are appointed to events matching their credentials and subject matter.

Consecutive interpreters use a different process. They are required to listen to a consecutive speech in the source language for few minutes and then interprets all the contents in the target language and accurately.

Interpretation is done by Interpreters possessing high proficiency in linguistics of the given language combination and having technical knowledge in the field specified by the client.

Interpreters can travel to the location required in case of outstation assignments or we can arrange for professional interpreters residing in the city / country where the interpretation services are required.

We can provide interpreters on very short notice in French and Portuguese in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape town. 

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves the speaker talking for a short period of time and the interpreter then translating this into the required foreign language, allowing the speech to flow more fluently. This type of interpreting service is used by legal professionals, and it is also a common technique used in small conferences or group discussions.

Telephone Interpreting

One of our fastest-growing services which is being used increasingly by our clients. A flexible service that fits around you and can be set up within minutes. Our coordinators will take a few details from you, such as names and telephone numbers and subsequently set up the conference call. The coordinator will then call you and your interlocutor, with a professional interpreter on the telephone line ready to start interpreting. 

This service is ideal for meetings in South Africa and abroad and can prove to be very economical in comparison to face-to-face interpreting. Ideal for regular customers conference calls, recruitment etc.

Event language services

We can also supply audio visual equipment for conferences and assist with the hiring of multilingual event staff (hostess, steward), so all your language-related needs are taken care of with just one phone call.

Frenchside provides high-quality simultaneous and consecutive interpreters in French <> English. Whether you require interpretation for any event, corporate or private, we provide you with excellent interpreters, who are native in the target language.

All our estimates include travel time and travel costs, so there are no 'hidden extras'.

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