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What is a Sworn-official-certified Translation

In South Africa a sworn translation (also called a public, legal, official or certified translation) is a document translated by a sworn translator who has sworn an oath in a High Court of South Africa to “translate faithfully and correctly, to the best of [their] knowledge and ability”.

To ensure that a translation is recognised as a sworn translation, sworn translators stamp and sign every page of their translations and add a statement certifying that it “is a true translation of the original”. A sworn translation of a document is the legal equivalent of the original document for evidentiary purposes endorsed by the signature and seal of the Sworn Translator

Frenchside  Translation & Interpreting offers its FRENCH sworn translation, PORTUGUESE sworn translation, GERMAN sworn translation and SPANISH sworn translation  service in JOHANNESBURG and PRETORIA and ensures high quality, handling your certified translation project from A to Z.

Frenchside  Translation & Interpreting can assist you with the certified translation of :


  • Birth Marriage & Death Certificate
  • Legal documents
  •  Letter of Impediment
  •  Educational Certificates
  •  Company Articles of Association
  • Contracts, Wills and Patents
  •  Oder of Divorce, Police clearance Certificate and Notary documents
  • Business document translation
  • Technical data sheets, Diplomas and Transcripts
  • contracts, financial statements and report
  • civil record certificates (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate)
  • documents relating to the adoption of a child
What other documents require a sworn translation

All documents to be produced before an official body or a State authority (universities, prefectures, municipalities, consulates, etc.), namely to obtain official documents (residence card, application for naturalization, and so forth), generally require a certified translation.