Frequently Asked Questions About Sworn Translation in South Africa 

1.What is sworn translation and why is it important?

Sworn translation is a specialised service that involves the translation of legal documents, such as contracts, affidavits, and court rulings, from one language to another. It is crucial in ensuring accurate and legally binding translations for official purposes.

2.Who can provide sworn translation services in South Africa?

Sworn translation services in South Africa are exclusively offered by professional translators who have been duly appointed and authorized by the High Court of South Africa. These translators possess the necessary linguistic expertise and legal knowledge to provide accurate and certified translations.

3.How can I verify the authenticity of a sworn translation?

To verify the authenticity of a sworn translation, you can look for the translator’s official stamp or seal, their signature, and a statement declaring that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original document.

4.Are there any specific requirements for sworn translations in South Africa?

Yes, there are specific requirements for sworn translations in South Africa. The translated document must be an exact representation of the original, including all stamps, seals, and signatures.

5.Can sworn translations be used for official purposes outside South Africa?

Yes, sworn translations from South Africa are generally accepted for official purposes in other countries. We advise that you check with the relevant authorities or institutions for the destination country before to avoid complications.

6.How long does it take to complete a sworn translation?

The time required to complete a sworn translation depends on factors, such as the length and complexity of the document.

We can generally translate a 1-2-page document within 1 business day, and also offer urgent and same-day translations, subject to availability. For most documents, a reasonable rule of thumb is to assume that a translator can translate approximately 2,500 words a day, but this will naturally be affected by the type of text involved, its length, the language and the file format. Is it a legal contract, a thesis, a newsletter to your customers, a technical manual, a handwritten letter or your whole website?

7.What languages do you translate?

At FrenchSide we translate a number of European and South African language including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, and Tswana.

8.How much does sworn translation cost in South Africa?

Our sworn translation rates start from R350.00

9.Are the translators you use qualified?

In a word, yes. Our translators are the backbone of our business and they are crucial to delivering accurate, high-quality translations. To ensure we achieve our own high standards on every single project we undertake, we have strict minimum prerequisites that our translators must comply with prior to working with us.