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Certified Translations of French Official Documents - South Africa

Doing business or have personal matters requiring documents to be understood in French or vice versa?


Our French Document translation services can be your key when submitting documents to official authorities.  Frenchside’s services provide professional translations of documents by native French speakers who are not only fluent in both English and French but also understand the cultural nuances that ensure translation.


For official documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, or legal contracts, a sworn translation is required.

What is a Sworn Translator?

Sworn translators, are recognised to provide translations  and are recognized to do so by the courts of South Africa. These translators swear an oath before a court and agree to translate the documents provided to them faithfully and completely. They also sign and stamp their translations to certify that they accurately reflect the source document.


We take the extra step by offering our services online, making the process convenient and efficient.  You simply upload your documents for a free quote and our team will provide you with a timeline to meet your needs. With the help of Frenchside’s document translation services, you can confidently navigate the French-English translation process and ensure your documents are accepted by authorities abroad.


Document list of French Translation Services
Documents                             Pricing (incl Vat)Turnaround
Home affairs certificatesDocuments d’état civilR350 – R5001 Working Day
Any notary public documentsDocuments notariésR350 – R5001 Working Day
Birth certificateExtrait de naissanceR350 – R5001 Working Day
Police clearanceCasier judiciaireR350 – R5001 Working Day
Death CertificateCertificat de décèsR350 – R5001 Working Day
Will And TestamentTestamentR350 – R5001 Working Day
Letter of no impediment


Certificat de capacité à mariageR350 – R5001 Working Day
Divorce Decree


Jugement de divorceR350 – R5001 Working Day
Company DocumentsDocuments d’entrepriseR350 – R5001 Working Day
PassportPasseportR350 – R5001 Working Day
Power of AttorneyLettre de procurationR350 – R5001 Working Day
Driver LicencePermis de conduireR350 – R5001 Working Day
Educational CertificatesCertificats d’étudesR350 – R5001 Working Day


One standard page is 1,500 characters without spaces.

The final price is determined by the number of pages in the source text (if it is possible to count the number of characters)

Prices  include VAT.

No rush/express fee



We offer volume discounts for large quantity orders. Contact us to get a discount!

We reward our loyal customers (who sign contracts with us) with special discounts on all of our translation services.

Payment terms:


50% on quote approval. Balance on delivery/Collection

We accept EFT, card payment, cash, Paypal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Translations of French Official Documents

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Our answers to the most common questions regarding our Price list for Certified French translation – Pretoria:

Sworn translation is a specialized service that involves the translation of legal documents, such as contracts, affidavits, and court rulings, from one language to another. It is crucial in ensuring accurate and legally binding translations for official purposes.
Sworn translation services in South Africa are exclusively offered by professional translators who have been duly appointed and authorized by the High Court of South Africa. These translators possess the necessary linguistic expertise and legal knowledge to provide accurate and certified translations.
To verify the authenticity of a sworn translation, you can look for the translator's official stamp or seal, their signature, and a statement declaring that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original document.
Yes, there are specific requirements for sworn translations in South Africa. The translated document must be an exact representation of the original, including all stamps, seals, and signatures.
Yes, sworn translations from South Africa are generally accepted for official purposes in other countries. We advise that you check with the relevant authorities or institutions for the destination country before to avoid complications.
We can generally translate a 1-2-page document within 1 business day
At Frenchside we translate a number languages including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Afrikaans.
In a word, yes. Our translators are the backbone of our business and they are crucial to delivering accurate, high quality translations. To ensure we achieve our own high standards on every single project we undertake, we have strict minimum prerequisites that our translators must comply with prior to working with us.

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Need Help With French Sworn Translations?

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To send more files at once you can Zip them and upload them here.
To send more files at once you can Zip them and upload them here.
Certified Translations of French Official Documents - South Africa
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Certified Translations of French Official Documents - South Africa
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