Intermediate French Classes In Pretoria

French Intermediate In Pretoria

Our Intermediate French class in Pretoria is suitable for learners who have completed the A1 level of Delf. Participants must have already acquired the basis of French, the vocabulary and know the grammar needed to talk and read about a wide variety of subjects in French. It is for students who can describe experiences and events, explain their opinions, and talk about plans at a basic level.

Participants will study four French skills in the Intermediate French class in Pretoria – reading, writing, speaking and listening – through a “Communicative Language Teaching” methodology.

What the Intermediate French class in Pretoria will cover

In a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere, you will cover:

  • Regular revision exercises covering all the grammar learned to date.
  • Listening and reading exercises to enhance comprehension, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and cultural awareness.
  • Development of oral and listening skills with lots of practice of everyday life conversation about familiar topics (work, leisure, food, holidays …).

Our Intermediate French class in Pretoria follows the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR), which has become the international reference for learning and teaching European languages, as well as assessing language acquisition. Students may wish to sit for the exam called DELF.


You will learn the following grammar:

  • Reflexive verbs: se lever, se passer…
  • The French translations of the verb ‘to know’: savoir et connaître.
  • Comparisons: Je suis plus grande que toi. Il fait moins chaud ici qu’en Afrique du Sud…
  • The future tense called futur simple and the past tense called imparfait.
  • Replacement pronouns: en, y, lui, leur …
  • Relative pronouns: qui, que, où
  • Passive voice

The class is interactive and made of chats, readings or games. The tutor suggests a different topic for each session and usually uses supports as texts. He helps participants to improve their language by kindly correcting their mistakes and their knowledge by handing over bits of French culture.

Intermediate French Course Objectives:

  1. Communicate comfortably in most common situations.
  2. Increase the number of useful everyday vocabulary you need to communicate basic ideas.
  3. Increase your fluency and sophistication levels when talking about common daily topics such as health, marriage, jobs, and transportation.
  4. Refine and expand the use of grammar needed to function effectively.
  5. Expand your reading skills necessary to interpret authentic articles written by French speakers.
  6. Develop writing skills needed to describe desires, facts and opinions.
  7. Understand your learning style and be able to check your own progress.
  8. Learn and appreciate different ways people see the world.


IA2 level:  (French Intermediate), completed within around 30 hours: Students are able to communicate and exchange on familiar and habitual subjects

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