onference services cape town

Conference Services Cape town

Whenever your company connects with multinational colleagues and prospects in  Cape town Johannesburg or Durban, you need the partnership of a professional, skilled and experienced conference services provider in Cape town . Frenchside services offers platinum standard of  conference services in Cape town– ranging from Simultaneous Translation System, interpretation services to tour guide equipment rental.

For large corporate meetings, event management groups, expos and regional conferences we have a nationwide network of highly specialized simultaneous interpreters with significant experience in behind-the-scenes, real-time interpreting. We can also provide booths and state of-the-art audio equipment including multi-channel headsets to ensure that all the multi-lingual communication needs for your important meeting, including budget considerations are met.

Things to consider when booking an interpreter:

  • Our interpreters are quite in demand, so please book early.
  • They work standard office hours (9am−5pm, Monday to Friday, with a lunch break). If you need an interpreter outside these hours, an overtime rate will be applied.
  • For conference interpreting due to intensive nature of this work, you will need to book at least two interpreters and provide all relevant materials in advance.
  • Bear in mind additional expenses that can be incurred by interpreters during the course of their assignment, such as travel, meals and accommodation.
  • A cancellation will be applied if you cancel your order after an interpreter or interpreting equipment has been booked

While it is true that “English is spoken everywhere,” the reality is that most people prefer to synthesize complex ideas in their native language and culture. The South African business culture is considered to be both multicultural and more codified than what is encountered in most other countries in Africa. For this reason, we highly recommend consulting with a local language service provider who will ensure everything you wish to convey to your South African colleagues will be translated and/or interpreted with the utmost of respect for South African business culture, without dimming your original message.

Industry expertise, an armoury of useful cultural references, and an understanding of psychology, personality and tone of voice – our interpreters mix these key ingredients to assure your conference audience of transparent understanding of intent, nuance and even personality. Most of our associates receive rigorous training in Cape town and Johannesburg, and enliven technical proficiency with attention to detail, context, and nuance. Clients often comment on how well the personalities of their senior executives have come across in the destination language.

Our conference services in Cape town are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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