Frenchside Translation and Interpreting Services is a reputable professional translation agency with over 10 years’ experience in providing translation and Desktop Publishing Services to satisfied clients in South Africa.

The desktop publishing (DTP) process is instrumental for improving document presentation, and is usually one of the stages in localizing documents. When translating a document into languages with unique features like Arabic or French, where the source text and translated text differ in length or are read in different directions, applying the wrong formatting for font, punctuation, or graphics affects the reading experience of the target audience, and may even be detrimental to product promotions and sales. To engage the target audience, product manuals, packaging, advertisements, promotions, and other sales marketing material should be aligned with local publishing standards, while ensuring that documents are readable, appealing, and user friendly.

Overview of DTP Services

Our list of DTP services include:
Text Formatting – Analyzing font size, types, typography, spacing & etc. to ensure maximum visibility for your text.
Layout Design – Books, magazines, reports have different layouts. DTP experts are well-versed with all layouts and
can advise on pagination depending on your choice of format and the word count of your manuscript.
Copy Editing – We scrutinize grammar, punctuation, spelling to ensure that every syllable adheres to the publisher’s guide.

Frenchside is a multilingual translation and design  agency with a track record of high quality Services. For over 10 years, our  services have  corporate clients in South Africa build deeper relationships with their counterparts around the world. For further information about our DTP Services please phone us at: +27 (0) 12-348- 3134 or e-mail us at and we’ll be more than happy to talk with you or to answer any questions you may have.