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What is the meaning of sworn translation? While moving to a different country can be exhilarating, you’ll often be faced with a discouraging mountain of paperwork. Not only do the institutions ask you to find your birth certificate, marriage certificate, or university transcripts, but also to get a certified translation of these documents. But what is a sworn translation ?

Simply put, a Sworn Translation also called Certified Translation is a translation officially signed and stamped by a sworn translator and accompanied by the translator’s statement testifying to the truthfulness of the translation. It is a written document used for official purposes, which constitutes a legal record attesting to the translation’s accuracy when it is critical that the original meaning of the source document content has not been affected in any way.


The type of documents that generally require certified translation are customs and immigration documents, birth and death certificates, academic records, real estate deeds, marriage and divorce certificates, adoption papers, medical records, financial records, wills, legal contracts, leases, and contracts, and police records.

Depending on the nature of the translated materials, it may require further legalisation such as apostille and embassy legalization.

Frenchside frequently assists customers from South Africa or Abroad  with sworn/ certified translation of  legal contract, birth certificate or any kind of official documentation translated into any language and efficiently certified, Frenchside can provide you with the most proficient certified translation services to suit your needs by offering not only the highest quality and accuracy on the translated document but also the most professional service in certification, while keeping the most strict confidentiality on all documents received. 

For further information about document translation Services please phone us at: +27 (0) 12-348- 3134 or e-mail us at info@frenchside.co.za and we’ll be more than happy to talk with you or to answer any questions you may have.


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Sworn translation is a certified translation signed and stamped by a sworn translator recognised by a Court in south Africa
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