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To succeed globally, South African companies need to communicate with international audiences as flawlessly as a local company. Making your English content resonate in different languages such as French, Portuguese, Spanish or German may require interpretation or translation services – or both. Both translation and interpretation are methods that allow […]

10 best websites for Africa_Pretoria_Durban_cape town

10 best websites for tender opportunities in Africa

The African continent is rapidly witnessing a boom in public procurement. In developing nations, it makes about one-third of the GDP, while in wealthy nations, it can account for as much as 15%. Africa is the continent with the most countries in the world, a total of 54. Based on[…..]

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Mozambique and South Africa have always had close relations, often engaging in trade, business, cultural, political and social issues, with one another. Business delegates from both countries frequently travel to and fro between the two countries, to attend business meetings and conferences, and connect with other business organisations. The country[…..]