South Africa passport ranking improves, jumps two spots in the 2024 Passport Index

When it comes to international travel, the power of a passport cannot be underestimated. After all, it almost single-handedly determines the ease with which its holder can cross borders and explore new horizons. According to the 2024 Passport Index by Arton Capital, a global financial advisory organisation, the strength of the South Africa passport ranking improves, jumps two spots in the 2024 Passport Index, to a global ranking of 45 out of 91 and a global reach of 54%. This makes it the third-strongest passport in the African region but behind Seychelles (42) and Mauritius (38). South African citizens have access to more than half of the world’s travel destinations without a visa. Arton Capital’s 2024 Passport Index ranks passports from around the world based on how many countries their holders can visit visa-free, with a visa on arrival, an eVisa (if issued within three days) or an Electronic Travel Authorisation, using 2023 data.  In this article, we look at South Africa’s remarkable place in the 2024 Passport Index, exploring its rankings, visa-free destinations and the factors behind the improvement in Arton Capital’s 2024 Passport Index.

Overview of South Africa’s Rankings

South Africa passport ranking improves, jumps two spots in the 2024 Passport Index, showcasing the nation’s dedication to improvement. In Arton Capital’s 2024 Passport Index, South Africa ranks high offering 112 mobility scores and 61 visa-free countries, 45 destinations, and Electronic Travel Authorization in 6 locations.

South Africa’s passport ranks 45 out of 86 countries requiring visas, showcasing its global strength. With a 56% world reach, it represents global connectivity, despite its vibrant population of 57,516,665, enhancing its international influence. South Africa’s passport rankings have seen a remarkable transformation at the beginning of 2019, with a mobility score of 103 at the beginning of 2019. However, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted passports and international travel, causing a temporary dip to a mobility score of 64.

Despite the drop, the passport navigated diplomatic intricacies and contributed to the nation’s economic recovery efforts. In a noteworthy development for global travelers, South Africa passport ranking improves, jumps two spots in the 2024 Passport Index, opening doors to 112 countries which are Congo, India, Turkey and many more.

Countries South Africans can travel to visa-free


According to the 2024 Passport Index by Arton Capital (Note: *visa on arrival, **eTA) below are the 112 countries South Africans can travel to visa-free:


Burundi*ZimbabweSierra Leone*
Cape Verde Islands* KenyaSomalia*
Comoro Islands*Madagascar*The Gambia
Cote d’ivoire (Ivory Coast)MalawiTogo*
Ethiopia*MozambiqueDjibouti *
Equatorial guineaNamibiaZambia


BelizeEl SalvadorParaguay
Costa RicaNicaraguaVenezuela


Hong Kong (SAR China)Maldives*Thailand
Kyrgyzstan*PhilippinesSouth Korea **
Laos*SingaporeViet Nam
Macao (SAR China)Sri Lanka* 


Antigua and BarbudaGrenadaTrinidad and Tobago
CubaSt. Kitts and Nevis
DominicaSt. Lucia
Dominican RepublicSt. Vincent and the Grenadines


Russian FederationKiribati

Middle East 

Iran*OmanSaudi Arabia*
IsraelPalestinian Territory


FijiPalau Islands*Tuvalu*
 Marshall Islands*Papua New GuineaVanuatu

Factors Contributing to South Africa’s rise and fall of Passport Ranking.

Understanding the elements that led to South Africa passport ranking improves, jumps two spots in the 2024 Passport Index, reveals a narrative of calculated diplomacy and forward-thinking policy execution. The following are some of the elements that might cause the Passport Index to climb or fall in ranking:

  1. Diplomatic relations: While strained ties or geopolitical shifts might have the reverse impact, improved diplomatic relations can improve travel plans and a passport’s ranking.
  2. Policy changes: While tougher rules or security concerns may result in a drop in passport ranking, passport ranking may be increased through simplified application procedures, improved security measures, and visa policy reforms.
  3.  Political and economic stability: Both of these factors affect a nation’s passport score; better circumstances frequently translate into a higher ranking.
  4. Global reputation and influence: A country’s global image, and influence in business, culture, or tourism, can positively impact its passport ranking, while a decline in reputation may result in a decrease.
  5. Passport security measures: Strengthened security protocols in a country’s passport issuance system can enhance trust and recognition from other nations, thereby boosting its passport ranking.

Furthermore, the keyword “South Africa passport ranking improves, jumps two spots in the 2024 Passport Index” epitomizes not just a numerical progression but a beacon of hope, showcasing the nation’s dedication to empowering its passport holders. South Africa’s global progress is a testament to its commitment to inclusivity, international relations, and promoting freedom and ease of global exploration. However, this article answers quires on the recent news on why South Africa passport ranking improves, jumps two spots in the 2024 Passport Index.

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South Africa passport ranking improves, jumps two spots in the 2024 Passport Index
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South Africa passport ranking improves, jumps two spots in the 2024 Passport Index
Embark on a journey of triumph as South Africa's passport secures a remarkable two-spot leap in the 2024 Passport Index. Discover the strategic initiatives, diplomatic finesse, and global mobility enhancements propelling this ascent.
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