Companies, Governmental Agencies and NGO’s are Frequently Planning business meetings in Johannesburg where business meetings interpreters are necessary.

Johannesburg plays host to more business events than perhaps any city in Africa. The growing international business and tourism in Johannesburg creates a vast need for business meeting and conference interpreting services at an unprecedented rate. Companies, governmental agencies and NGO’s are continually planning business meetings and other events that require the work of interpreters nationwide in South Africa. In Johannesburg interpreters  for business meetings are in high demand in almost every language spoken. Meeting interpreters take on a very demanding task, as they are required to be knowledgeable and experienced in many types of subject matter. Meeting interpreting can take on several different mediums, and work can come in events such as Conferences, sales seminars, sales presentations, financial reviews, medical events, educational symposiums, new product rollouts, press conferences, and world sporting events. In Johannesburg Business meeting interpreters are available in a variety of Europeans and African languages, ranging from common ones such as French, Portuguese and Spanish to more exotic and regional dialects. Regardless of the situation, a credentialed business meeting interpreter can facilitate the difficult task of bridging the communication gap and bring companies and people together.

Business meetings Interpreters for Workshops, Seminars, Presentations, Reviews, Site visit in Johannesburg

Business meeting interpreting covers a very broad field and a multitude of topics which require unique and specialized knowledge. One of these specialized aspects of meeting interpreting comes in the form of symposium interpreting. Symposiums are business meetings or conferences for public discussion of a specified topic, and the types of people that attend can come from all corners of the globe. Symposiums are a part of thousands of events that are continually planned each and every day and are commonly held in Johannesburg.

Why Frenchside Translations?

Frenchside translation can provide you with linguistic and technical assistance at meetings or seminars, no matter how large or small. Our broad interpreter/translator network in Johannesburg offers specialized knowledge in many areas including business and financial, legal, engineering, technology, medical, economic development, and numerous others. With various specializations, you are assured accurate results using industry-specific terminology.

Our business meetings interpreters are available at short notice at highly competitive rates, and  have extensive experience in the private sector assisting businesses with international trade and the public sector in areas ranging from asylum and immigration, family and children issues, crime, housing, mental health, medical issues, social services, welfare benefits and more. All our business meetings interpreters are fully qualified, experienced professionals, who are experienced in different interpreting formats and have experience and knowledge of your industry and sector specific terminology. Our interpreters are trained in working with businesses to help you meet your objectives.

In short, what this means is if you need an English-French interpreter for a business meeting in Johannesburg about a contract within the Telecoms sector, we will be providing you with, a member of our team that speaks both languages at a high level, has experience of business meetings, understands legal texts and knows the Telecoms sector first-hand.

This bespoke, understanding approach, delivers quality. No matter what the context, language or potential challenges – we will exceed your expectation

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With Frenchside turn every event into meaningful presentations, meangingful dialogues and meaningful experiences


  1. I will be conducting a three-day meeting in Johannesburg on February 25-27. We will have as many as 10 persons participating whose primary language is French. I will need an interpreter to translate what is shared in English into French for them, and to translate what they say in French into English for the benefit of the English-speakers who are present. The meetings will last from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. Can you provide me with a quote for your providing such services?


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