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Sandton conference interpretation equipment rental list

Conference interpretation equipment plays a vital role in conferences and international meetings, so if you’re hosting a multilingual event in Sandton at a venue that doesn’t have conference interpretation equipment, a list of all the equipment you’ll need will help you choose the right conference equipment rental service for your event. Every successful multilingual conference has three components: experienced, qualified interpreters, quality equipment, and good AV technicians. In some cases, the conference interpretation equipment rental you use will make or break your event, because even the most skilled interpreters in the world will struggle if they don’t have access to quality audio and interpretation equipment. In this blog article, we will provide you with a list of the most important equipment used for a conference interpretation setup in Sandton, followed by a list of tips for renting conference interpretation equipment in Sandton.

Rental Equipment List Required for Interpretation in Sandton

  1. Interpretation Booths

Interpreter booths are a must for simultaneous interpretation services. They are used to provide sound isolation for the interpreters. This isolation serves two purposes. The booths allow the interpreters to work in a quiet environment, free from audible distractions, so that they can concentrate on the words of the speaker(s). Inside the booths, the interpreters can speak at a normal volume in any language without disturbing the meeting participants in the audience. It must always be booths for at least 2 interpreters per booth and you will need one booth per foreign language. For example, if the conference languages are English and French, you will need 1 booth. If it’s Portuguese, French and English, you’ll need 2 booths.SANDTON CONFERENCE INTERPRETATION EQUIPMENT RENTAL LIST-pretoria-johannesburg-capetown

  1. Interpreter Console

The interpreter console is the system used by interpreters to listen to one or more audio language inputs and speak the interpretation into a microphone. This microphone is connected to control units and transmitters to transmit the interpretation to people with interpretation receivers. Interpreter consoles have various functions to improve the efficiency and comfort of the interpreter, such as selecting the input channel, muting the transmission, or adjusting the audio volume.

    3. Wireless Receivers & Headsets for the audience

While it is important to provide good equipment for the interpreters who are providing simultaneous interpretation, it is equally important to provide the audience with receivers and headsets to listen to the real-time interpretation. This is the equipment that the audience uses to receive the audio broadcast wirelessly. Some receivers have a built-in speaker, while others require the connection of a headset or earphones to hear the audio. Most receivers allow you to select the channel and adjust the volume of the audio. The number of receivers required depends on the number of delegates, e.g. 50 delegates = 50 receivers & headsets. It is common practice to provide each delegate with a headset and instructions on how to use it so that they can hear the interpretation.

  1. Transmitter

Transmitters broadcast interpretation in real-time via radio waves. Sometimes it is used on a stand-alone basis in small and less complex events. There could be table transmitters, stationary transmitters, belt clip transmitters, and many others. In short, they can be either portable or stationary.

  1. Microphones

Microphones allow interpreters to speak and be heard by your audience in their native language. Interpreters’ microphones are highly sensitive and should provide impeccable sound to ensure that every word is understood.

SANDTON CONFERENCE INTERPRETATION EQUIPMENT RENTAL LIST-pretoria-johannesburg-capetownAlso, if your event in Sandton includes a Q&A session or the audience will participate in debates at some point, delegate microphones will be needed. Sound systems or PA systems never ‘count’ as microphones, as the sound control is much more general. At least one microphone should be provided for each interpreter and delegate.

Tips For Renting Conference Interpretation Equipment In Sandton

Scalability: First of all, you should know the size of your meeting or, in other words, an estimated number of attendees. Imagine how frustrating it can feel to realise you’re short of, for example, receivers & headsets on your perfectly planned meeting. Luckily, there’s an easy way to prevent it: determine the number of headsets you need and add 10% of that quantity as backup hardware in case of any emergencies. 

Number of languages: After figuring out the size of your audience, you should identify how many languages you will need interpretation for at your meeting. This piece of information is crucial for determining the number of booths and interpreters you’ll hire.

Location of interpreters: Finding the best possible location for simultaneous interpreters is crucial. Let’s think of the advantages of working from a soundproof booth. Interpreters will feel more comfortable, and they will be able to see the speaker. This way, interpretation is much more accurate, as visual cues and body language are very important. Additionally, all the participants will receive an interpretation free of distractions and background noise, which improves the overall meeting quality.

Sandton conference interpretation equipment rental list-pretoria-sandton-capetown-southafricaFrenchside, your reliable Conference Equipment rental In Sandton

Organising a conference or a similar event in Sandton is a big challenge in itself. So do not hesitate to contact a professional translation agency that has a good grip on interpreting and interpreting equipment like Frenchside to help you. Our team will create a non-binding offer based on your requirements, and if you are satisfied with it, we will provide comprehensive interpreting equipment rental services to ensure the success of your conference. Contact us today at Tel: 012 348 3134| Mobile: 081 347 6060 | Email:

Sandton conference interpretation equipment rental list
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Sandton conference interpretation equipment rental list
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