Johannesburg: Sworn Translator French to English

Do you need a Sworn translation from French to English of your document for use inside or outside South Africa? Frenchside can perform this for you. You can have a certified translation of your document done in no time, for an attractively low price.

Sworn translation is intended to be used in the administrative field and is often referred to as ‘certified translation’ or ‘official translation’; this kind of translation is officially recognized by all administrative and judicial bodies in most countries.

 In South Africa, a Sworn Translator is designated by a Judge as an expert Translator in his language combination, a document translated by a sworn translator bears his/her stamp and signature. This certification proves that the translation is true to the original document. Official translations are authoritative in respect of the courts and administrative authorities, and can be used by individuals for civil status certificates, by lawyers to add exhibits to a case file, or by notaries for inheritance cases.

Not only our specialized translators have in the judicial domain, they are also sworn in.
Thanks to our extensive network of sworn translators, we can meet any request within short notice, whatever the language.

Urgent jobs

For those racing to time, the business letters, birth certificate, offers and text of general content should be daily translated in a fast and correct way. We put passion in our work, this is why we have solutions for urgent. We are aware of the importance of speed for your urgent translation requirement. We always have available translators to meet your translation need



The confidentiality of your documents is a priority at Frenchside, which is why a confidentiality agreement can be signed between both parties in order to guarantee total confidentiality of your certified or legalised translation. Moreover, confidentiality agreements are always signed with all our co-workers, who undertake not to divulge any information regarding the translated documents

For further information about certified document translation Services please phone us at: +27 (0) 12-348-3134 or e-mail us at and we’ll be more than happy to talk with you or to answer any questions you may have



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