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In South Africa, medical translation & interpreting services help to improve the experience of medical tourists seeking medical treatment. The country, which ranks 22 out of 46 countries in the Medical Tourism Index, is the market leader on the African continent for medical tourism. The local medical tourism industry, with its steady growth, has established a reach to every nook and corner of the world but with the richness and diversity in languages and culture around the world, it might become a hindrance for limited English proficiency medical patients. To make the patient’s stay in the country a smooth process, a range of support services like airport transfers, medical translation & interpreting, and the desired cuisine are being offered by suppliers. Medical Translation & interpreting is one of the most important ancillary services.

What is Medical Translation & interpreting?Language-Services-company-johannesburg

Medical texts are a vital link in the communication chain between healthcare givers and their patients, or between regulatory bodies and local health centers, especially when documents presented by one party cannot be read or understood by the other due to the difference in language. Hence the need for medical translation & interpreting to translate these communications. Medical translation is the area of translation whose objective is to meet the communication needs arising in the field of medicine. South Africa offers a wide arena of medical facilities, postoperative care, accommodation, and various other world-class services for its medical tourists. However, the language barrier will always be an issue for non-speaking English patients seeking medical treatment in the country. Before deciding where to seek medical treatment overseas, a patient would have to examine all the options available. Patients would need to read about the type of treatments available, the results of clinical trials, and other general medical information. Medical information that has been properly translated would assist patients in deciding what is best for them. Even healthcare professionals would benefit from medical translation & interpreting services as it would be easier for them to effectively and efficiently deal with patients, no matter what language they speak.



Benefits of medical translation & interpretingTRANSLATION-SERVICES-JOHANNESBURG1

Reducing Patient Stress

Trips to the hospital or doctor’s office can be very stressful for people. Now imagine that you have a difficult time attempting to understand basic information and documents written in a foreign language.

Stressful isn’t it? It is essential that a patient can read documents in a language that they are comfortable with. This will vastly improve communication between patient and doctor, which can help make the patient feel more secure. Medical translation & interpreting services reduce that stress significantly.

Improved Communications

When you leave medical document translation to qualified translators who are familiar with medical terminology, have medical industry experience, and are fluent in both source and target languages, you will see improved communication in all aspects of your business. Inevitably, this will lead to happier patients with fewer mistakes and misinterpretations of information. Medical translation & interpreting service ensures that the patients get the best medical services that they deserve. Since the medical practitioners can understand the conditions that the patients are suffering from, they are able to properly diagnose and treat a condition. This ensures that the patients have a perfect result.

Frenchside your Medical Translation & interpreting service partnermedical_translation_interpreting

Medical tourists from all over Africa, Europe, the USA, and other parts of the world come to South Africa each year. Why? To take advantage of the skill, talent, and experience of the country’s cosmetic surgeons, dental professionals, fertility specialists, ophthalmologists, and orthopedic surgeons, and many others. Communication between the healthcare givers and these medical tourists must be clear and world-class just like the medical services offered, If a healthcare organization doesn’t have its own medical translation & interpreting service (which it probably doesn’t), you can hire Frenchside translation & Interpreting service to help you.  We are a proudly South African translation agency offering medical translation & interpreting services in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape town.

Frenchside provides medical translation & interpreting services for doctor-patient consultations, conferences and seminars, research and development, and commercial activities. Whether you are in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, or cape town You’ll be relying on a specially chosen linguist. Someone who not only has experience in your specific field, whether that’s biotechnology, frontline medical care, or marketing the latest medicines, but also the sensitivity and empathy necessary in so many situations involving healthcare and trauma.


Medical Translation & interpreting Services | South Africa
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Medical Translation & interpreting Services | South Africa
In South Africa, medical translation & interpreting services help to improve the experience of medical tourists seeking medical treatment. The country is the market leader on the African continent for medical tourism and medical translation & interpreting is one of the most important ancillary services.
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