South African agricultural exports in the African markets

The South African agricultural exports in African markets are a significant part of the country’s economic growth. The agricultural sector of South Africa is one of the varied agricultural sectors in the world, as it comprises of incorporated and independent intensive and extensive crop farming systems, namely grain production, nuts, […]

Agribusiness trade within Afcfta.2Johannesburg_Pretoria_Durban_Capetown

Agribusiness trade within Afcfta

The commencement of the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement on the 1 January 2021 marked the start of a new era for Agribusiness trade within AfCFTA. Agribusiness trade within AfCFTA was proposed to create jobs, improve competitiveness of the African industries, and promote industrialization and to elevate intra-African trade[…..]

Top 10 large African ports listed_Johannesburg_Pretoria_Cape Town_Durban

10 large ports in Africa

African ports attained well known exposure all over the world due to their triumphant port management partnership. The ports are responsible for a majority of the country’s imports and exports. These African ports are run authorized businesses for their countries. They also add value to the tourism industry as they[…..]