South African agricultural exports in the African markets

The South African agricultural exports in African markets are a significant part of the country’s economic growth. The agricultural sector of South Africa is one of the varied agricultural sectors in the world, as it comprises of incorporated and independent intensive and extensive crop farming systems, namely grain production, nuts, vegetables and fruits. The evolved commercial farming sector in South Africa showed to be the cornerstone of the country’s agricultural economy, it reflected great growth rate on economic sectors, as it rated 13.1%The South African climate works in the favor of the agricultural sector, and its varies allows multiple farming opportunities, as the plants and animals get what they need in terms of climate, in order to work in the profitability of the farming sector, which allows more exportation to take place.

South African agricultural exports-agricultural diversity

The country’s diverse origin of the agricultural productivity makes it certain that products such as wines, grains, and fruits are exported and chosen for the great quality they uphold. The government seeks to better tenant farming in South Africa. South Africa exports food product to countries like Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, United Kingdom and Malaysia. South Africa’s diverse agriculture is more updated and advanced than most of the African countries, and its well-balanced weather comes as a bonus to the agricultural sector, which will then bring great economic stead. South African commercial farmers stand roughly at about 32 000, of which out of the estimated number, about 5000 and 7000 cultivate about 80% of agricultural products. Investing in agriculture is greatly conceded as key prerequisite to attaining objectives linked developing food security, job creation and therewith fighting poverty. Poor global growth, domestic in-put costs, after-effects of covid19 and policy unreliability could affect the economy negatively and lead to undesired outcomes.


South African agricultural exports earnings

The South African agricultural exports contributed about 10 % to South Africa’s total export earnings in FY2020 at a value of $10.2 billion, also registering as the second largest level on record after the record exports of $10.7bn in 2018. Citrus, wine, table grapes, corn, and apples accounted for the largest exports by value. South Africa also exports wool, nuts, sugar, mohair, and pears to names just a few products. Majority of the South African agricultural exports is concerted within the Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Free Trade Area (FTA). Though the products that get to be exported into SACU and SADC vary and they comprise of maize, prepared food product, sugar, apples and pears, prepared or bottled water, fruit juice and wine.

South African agricultural exports in the African markets-Statistics

South African agricultural exports amounted to $2,9bn, which is a 28% year-on-year increase at the first quarter of the 2021. The second quarter of the South African agricultural exports statistics show a stronger performance, of exports valued at $3,2bn, which is an increase of up to 36% year-on-year. This marks a drastic change as last year’s first half of the year was greatly affected by covid19 related disorder to global supply chain. The top exportable products in the second quarter of this year’s South African agricultural exports were maize, wine, grapes, wool, avocados, nuts, apples, pears, pineapples and citrus. These products are likely to dominate the export list in the second quarter of 2021. South Africa’s largest market in agricultural exports in the second quarter of this year, were Asia and the African continent, which accounted for 26% and 34% in value. The European market was the third largest market, with 21% of the South African agricultural exports in the second quarter of 2021. The 19% balance export value is of other regions of the world. The weaker exchange rate will keep the South African agricultural exports competitive for foreign buyers.


In sum, South Africa’s agricultural sector is export orientated which means that there should be frequent developments on data and extensions of export markets. The changes should be well planned, implemented and aligned with improving domestic production through multiple mediates. These implementations will constantly elevate the rate of employment while depreciating that of unemployment.

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South African agricultural exports in the African markets
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South African agricultural exports in the African markets
This article explains what the South African agricultural exports are and it further details how they are doing in the African markets. It further shows statistics of the market.
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