Top 10 large African ports listed_Johannesburg_Pretoria_Cape Town_Durban

10 large ports in Africa

African ports attained well known exposure all over the world due to their triumphant port management partnership. The ports are responsible for a majority of the country’s imports and exports. These African ports are run authorized businesses for their countries. They also add value to the tourism industry as they are considered to be tourists’ attractions. The top 10 large African ports are labelled as the best things that Africa has ever had. Like other ports in the world, the top 10 large African ports’ growth and downfall, depends on factors such as natural forces(natural disasters like earthquakes), political developments(trade wars, political reforms and warfare), foreland influences(blockades, business cycle and liner shipping), geographical conditions(accessibility, site, and situation), and market forces.

Top 10 large African ports listed_Johannesburg_Pretoria_Cape Town_Durban

Top 10 large African ports – The port of Tema

The port of Tema is the biggest port in Ghana. It is located on the eastern coast of the country, the port outstretches to over 3.9 million square metres of land area. The port holds up to 1650 vessel call each year. These includes container vessel, regular cargo vessel, tank ship, Ro-Ro, ocean greyhound, amongst many others. The port serves as both goods loading and offloading port, it is also used as a paramount goods shipment point, for goods that come from land locked countries to the northern part of Ghana. It trades for commercial and industrial companies that import and export goods like cement, petroleum, textiles, food, and metals. The port controls 80% of Ghana’s imports and exports.

Top 10 large African ports – The port of Takoradi

Port of Takoradi is situated in the Western region of Ghana, in the industrial district of Sekondi-Takoradi. This is the oldest port in Ghana. The harbour exports and imports large quantity of goods.  The responsibility of the management of the port is under the authority of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority. The port of Takoradi handles 65% of exports, with the main exports being, Manganese, Timber, Cocoa, and Bauxite. The port serves as Ghana’s main port and it also serves as the international trade point of land locked countries in the Sahel region of Africa. The countries are namely, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali, just to name a few.

The port of Dakar

Dakar is extraordinarily located 6 days from Europe and 7 days from America by sea the port has deep water berths, which can store all sorts of goods for both export and import. Exceptional services get provided, such as a dry dock for ship repairs, at low prices. There’s a great construction program that is underway in and around the Dubai port world’s management of the container terminal. The project includes great investment to uplift logistics campaigns for the economic trade. The future ports construction is aimed at increasing the dimensions of the port Autonome de Dakar is another feature of the partnership between port Autonome de Dakar and Dubai Port World.

Top 10 large African ports listed_Johannesburg_Pretoria_Cape Town_Durban

Top 10 large African ports – The port of Lome

Top 10 large African ports’ port of Lome is the key to Togo’s economy,hence Togo want to make the port mastery of Lome, the very first landing pace for sub-region ships. The Port mastery can allow tax and duty free inducements to enterprises that are situated in its free trade zone. The port’s deep water serves as a trade free transhipment facility for cargo that passes through the port of Lome to other ECOWAS countries. The Togo Export Processing Authority-SAZOF- has in Lome and the surrounding areas in the country, sites where plots of land are releasedon a long time basis. The categorisation of the up and running companies of the Togo Export Processing Zone is quite diverse.                                                                                                                                        

Top 10 large African ports -The port of Cotonou (Benin)

Top 10 large African ports’ port of Cotonou is a latent accession to the landlocked West African countries, yet over priced shipment costs, low productivity; substandard logistical facilities have kept the port from being the key trade route. The port is faced with huge development limitations that make a great negative impact on its free enterprise as a stepping-stone to the back of beyond countries like, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger. Over 80% of the goods that enter the port of Cotonou are predestined for final delivery outside of Benin. The port’s economic activity of creating jobs and income is much greater than the role it plays in the import and exports of Benin’s economy. The port is currently commercial, in spite of its substantial regulation poor performance, due to limiting trade blueprint in Nigeria, which uplifts ease extensive importation of goods into Benin through Cotonou, which are eventually predestined as informal trade to Nigeria.

The Port of Abidjan

This port is located on the African West Coast Cameroon and Senegal ports, the Abidjan port is at the crossroads of the major shipping lines from Europe, Asia and the US. Top 10 large African ports’ port of Abidjan is the biggest port in West Africa, which is also the second biggest in Africa. Abidjan is famous for its dynamism. It is a container transshipment port, that was opened in 1951 in the presence of the minister of overseas and colonies at the time, Francois Mitterand. Thanks to the 15 m deep Vridi Canal, boats with large draughts can dock in the deep water port. Its industrial development and the strength of its service activities radiate throughout the country and beyond its borders. With close to 7 million inhabitants, Abidjan is the largest French speaking city in the West African region and the third largest in the world.

The port of Lagos

One of the top 10 large African ports’, the port of Lagos is a well known port in the West African region. It is located in Nigeria. It splits into three divisions, namely the Lagos port, Tin can port and the Apapa port .Each segment is proficiently situated in the Gulf of Guinea. It is connected to Niger, Cameroon, and Benin. This port is Nigeria’s leading port; it is also one of the biggest and busiest in Africa. The port is orchestrated by the Nigerian Ports Authority. The port has been a gateway to numerous amounts of exported crude oil, with the exports statistics growing massively between the years 1997-2002. Oil and petroleum products provided 14% of GDP and 90% of foreign exchange revenue in Nigeria.       

Top 10 large African ports listed_Johannesburg_Pretoria_Cape Town_Durban

The port of Durban

The top 10 large African ports’ Durban harbour, is the biggest and busiest shipping terminal in sub-Saharan Africa, and it brings about 60% of revenue. This harbour holds up to 31.4 million tons shipment, with at least 59 moor. The port has two submerges and it is used by over 880 ships in a month and the number increases yearly. It is the second largest container port after “Port Said” in Egypt and the fourth largest in the Southern hemisphere. The port has recently been stretched and its harbour entrance depth has now been stretched to 19 metres, while the approach channel has decreased 16 metres in the harbour.

The port terminals Richards Bay

TPT Richards Bay has a history spanning almost 40 years since the first commercial ship docked at port in 1976 for South Africa to export coal to the world. The terminal now exports over 30 varied commodities from magnetite to ferrochrome, woodchips to aluminum and steel. One of the top 10 large African ports, being the port terminals Richards Bay, mainly exports timber, granite and coal to different ports around the world. Even though the port was initially constructed to export coal, the port has dilated to handling diversity of disgorge and bulk cargoes, since it was established. The African port of Richards Bay has 21 berths, including the berths that are controlled by the Richards Bay Coal Terminal.

The port of Djibouti

One of the famous top 10 large African ports, is the port of Djibouti, which is situated in the capital of Djibouti linked to Ethiopia by rail. It is also connected to over 40 international companies by being their main goods transit for imports and exports purposes. The port is also known for being one of the most systematic ports on the import and export side of the business; it is also one of the busiest ports throughout the year. The Djibouti economy relies on the strategic environment. The port is governed by the Djibouti Ports and Free Zone Authority (DPFZA), which does not govern only the port of Djibouti, but it administers other ports in the Ethiopian country.

In sum, the top 10 large African ports contribute large sums of money towards their countries’ economies and the GDP, which means that these ports are of great importance. Although most of the ports are donkey years old, the use of new technological measures in the top 10 large African ports has gradually transformed the ports into new ports. Greater ports are being assembled and a variety of others are being run by warrants that are signed in agreement with other foreign contractors with positives outcomes. The ability to keep the top 10 large African ports as busy as they have always been and even, is dependent on the competitiveness of the intermodal hinterland logistics, quality, the ports management’s efficiency, the ports regulation  and the economic development.     

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Top 10 large African ports
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Top 10 large African ports
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