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Transcription Services Johannesburg | Pretoria

Transcription Services in Johannesburg | Pretoria

Professional transcription service providers and experienced and well-equipped to transcribe Audio, meetings, videos, presentations, Legal, conference calls and more.

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, professional online transcription services have been in great demand. As the world swiftly shifted to digital platforms, professional transcription services have become an essential support system for the digital world. Everyone is recording important events like academic lectures, important client meetings, and more. People often miss important points while transcribing a recording by themselves, and this is where the services of Frenchside professional audio transcription services in Johannesburg, Pretoria and CapeTown are valuable.

What Is Audio Transcription?

The method of converting an audio file into a written text is called audio transcription. We all know that the world has shifted to online, and everything from lessons to Zoom meetings is being recorded. Taking professional help to get the audio transcription done for your important recordings is an effective way to not miss out on essential points. Frenchside Professional transcription services can convert all types of recordings into written transcripts in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Sandton, Cape Town and other places around the world.

Video and Presentation Content

When someone gives a presentation or creates a video, sending the finished piece to a transcriptionist will allow it to be transcribed and put into the right format. Once it has been transcribed, it can be printed and handed out or sent as an attachment in emails.

Your customers and clients will be able to see the video or read it as a handout through Frenchside Transcription Services. Either way, they get the information they need in a format they prefer. Presentations that have been transcribed can continue to be used as teaching tools.

Frenchside Transcriptionists transcribe much more than court records and depositions. We can transcribe almost any type of audio or visual recording and turn it into a professionally formatted document. When it comes to your small business, find out how much more you can get accomplished by hiring Frenchside transcription service. Small business transcription services are nothing new. They are a great way to utilize your resources and make your business more efficient.

Manual Transcription.

Handing over the task of transcription to Frenchside Specialists is always the most convenient thing to do. Manual transcription is the process of converting spoken words into the most comprehensible and legible text format or vice versa by the professional human transcriptionists.

Industries like academic, business, legal and several others require high-quality services with high accuracy, speed, and timeliness and Frenchside transcription services is here for you. Though conventional, manual transcription still remains the only way to guarantee top quality output with an accuracy rate as high as over 99.9%.

Accurate Transcription Service in Johannesburg/Pretoria

Before you hand out your project to a transcription company, it is important to confirm the accuracy level to expect for the final product. For transcripts, you want a company that guarantees at least 99% accuracy and that is Frenchside. There are just a few South African Transcription Services companies that can guarantee this.

When you hire a firm to transcribe your content, you want flawless text content. This is why you need a South African-based transcription services provider like Frenchside. With offshore providers, you are likely to have to edit the submitted content for hours to make it accurate.

Save Time by Transcribing Information

Don’t have time to sit on your desk and type long blog posts? Just record your thoughts and hire Frenchside professional transcriptionists to turn the recorded audio into a blog post. You can use the same technique to produce all types of content if you are not a blogger as well.

Discover more information

Legal & Court Transcripts – Our experienced team can produce professional court transcripts for the South African Court system and all other levels of the legal system.

Medical – Manage all your conference, dictation, patient consultation and other transcription needs with Frenchside’s highly accurate service.

Interviews & Investigations – Along with our other options, we also offer services for a whole host of investigative and interview purposes. We are experienced at handling confidential requirements such as police or internal investigations.

Meetings & Conferences – For any meeting or conference, hearing or seminar, our transcriptionists in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town are always available to help. We can provide the services you need to create a record of your event or meeting.

Education – Need transcription of the spoken word at a Melbourne university? We can provide what you need, whether you are a lecturer, student, PhD student or other faculty or administration member.

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Transcription Services Johannesburg | Pretoria
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Transcription Services Johannesburg | Pretoria
Frenchside Professional transcription services can convert all types of recordings into written transcripts in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Sandton, Cape Town and other places around the world.
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