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Audio transcription services in South Africa

Audio transcription services South Africa

Audio transcription service is the process of transforming an audio into a written piece or document. Transcribers transcribe any audio, from academic researches, interview recording, family functions speech video clips, or a recording of a company town hall. Audio transcription services in South Africa is a significant service, as various companies and individuals are in need of the services that transcription services offer on a day-to-day basis. In the modern days, audio transcription services involve the use of digital recordings. Unlike the olden days, audio transcription has advanced drastically, as it include movie transcription ,lectures, interviews, phone recording, legal cases, webinars, workshops and others. Audio transcription services in South Africa is up to speed with the modern way of providing transcription services.


Audio transcription service South Africa_Johannesburg,Capetown,Durban, Pretoria.

As the audio transcription services in South Africa, we cover a variety of transcription services, find the below list of transcription services we provide:

Real time transcription refers to the service that requires one to listen to a live audio then type out the information that they obtained from the audio. The audio transcription services in South Africa’s highly experienced team members who have high typing speed and who pay attention to accuracy, are the best candidates for this transcription service, as they have all the skills and experience that one has to have in order to conduct this service.

General transcription services refers to transcribing speeches, workshops, podcasts, and others. We are up to speed transcriber have you covered with every transcription service that you find yourself in need of.  As an audio transcription services in South Africa, we make a point that we put precision and accuracy first in every transcription service that we conduct. Audio transcription services in South Africa’s services include legal transcription. We specifically allocate legal field well informed and experienced transcribers to transcribe all your legal proceedings. Audio transcription services in South Africa will show up and deliver, irrespective of how big or small are the services that the clients’ requested.

Medical transcription services refer to the transcription of a medical practitioner’s dictation, which have to be placed to the patient’s medical record. Frenchside assigns medical field learned transcribers for this subject, as it is a subject that does not need chance takers, it requires knowledgeable transcriptionists.

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As Frenchside, we allocate duties tour team members base on the qualities and skills that they uphold. With transcriptionists, we carefully check if our potential transcriber have patience, as they will at times have to deal with audios that are of low quality, which mean that they have to listen to the same audio over and over again, same applies to the typed text, they have to through it, edit it, and see to it that it does not have typos or mistakes that will disrepute both the client and company. Audio transcription services in South Africa makes sure that it allocates transcriptionists who have great computer skills, consider precision and accuracy, who are good at typing, who have great grammar and sentence construction skills and most of all, know how to use punctuations.

Modern transcription comes with different way to conduct transcriptions. Here is a list of some of the transcriptions services that individuals and companies find themselves in need of:

Video subtitling and captioning

With the world obsessed with watching video, videographers are forced to create more video content, which then transcription gets to be of use. Transcription service is important to the videographers since most people watch videos without audio because of accessibility, environment or personal preference, which then make subtitling and captioning a necessity. Subtitling and captioning videos is one of the golden rules of the transcription service, as time consuming as it may be, as one they have to type up all the information; it is the preferred rule of video transcription. Although modern transcribers, who are known to be in with the times, prefer to use automated transcription software, as it creates transcription files that assist in getting the video live on the web faster.

UX testing 

With every business comes different marketing strategies and every entrepreneur has to know its target market. With that being said, entrepreneurs have to keep their consumers on the loops with every development and market research and UX testing customers will not be able to get out of the entrepreneurs’ grip. Business owners can receive detailed feedbacks from the customers and they can send them sample products. UX testing has to be recorded and inspected, transcribers will be of great help in this instance, as the transcribed information will help the in seeing to it that they meet their customers’ needs now and in future. According to audio transcription services in South Africa, UX testing is a way for an entrepreneurs to know their target market.

Journalism and media

Audio transcription services in South Africa, has come to realize that,  a day-to-day life of a journalist is not child’s play. Every journalist strives for nothing else but productivity, from scheduling and being on time at important interviews, to meeting deadlines. That time, writing and putting in place a well structure and constructive a catchy article, is not child’s play, the journalist has to have a great plan in place and make smart decisions to make it in his or her field of work. Having an automated audio transcription is significant in the journalism field. The recording devices helps with gathering all the information that is needed, which is more than they would have gathered had they written down the information throughout the interview. In this instance the journalist will be able to have their full focus on the interview rather than worrying about not gathering the information that is needed.

Audio transcription service South Africa_Johannesburg,Capetown,Durban, Pretoria..

Audio transcription services in South Africa specialties

To sum it all up, with numerous companies using audio transcriptions at such rapid speed to make their content more accessible to a broader audience, Audio transcription services in South Africa turns every company’s written version of their marketable video into an email marketing content. As the Audio transcription services in South Africa, we are quite experienced the transcription service business and we have been offering professional transcriptionists, automated speech recognition services, time coding and video file transcription for years on end. Audio transcription services in South Africa turns a company’s podcast episode into a comprehensive blog post without wasting time.


Audio transcription service in South Africa
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Audio transcription service in South Africa
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