Johannesburg legal transcription services_Johannesburg,Pretoria, Capetown,Durban

Johannesburg legal transcription services

Legal transcription is the procedure of writing down legal documents from video or audio recordings. A legal transcriptionist will create a proper legal document by listening to the audio or video files and type the spoken words into a document. Johannesburg legal transcription services company, knows that recorded material are life changing and very critical, hence  its transcribers provide high level of accuracy in every transcription services they provide. Legal translation is often mistaken for Court reporting, as the two seem significantly similar in certain instances. For an example, a court reporter reports from the courtroom and they transcribe legal proceedings, whereas a legal transcriptionist works in a number of places within the legal system. In as much as legal transcription is at times a legal requirement, it saves the law firm and all the parties that are involved time, as they do not have to listen to the court proceedings recording over and over again.

Duties of a Court reporter vs. a Legal transcriptionists

Court reporter have to be present during court proceedings in order to give out accurate transcriptions, and they use a machine called stenograph to create transcription of the words that gets spoken during court proceedings. They have to work well with different accents and be able to handle and navigate through any background noise, as per reality of court rooms, there are always people who are talking in the background. Legal transcriptionists transcribe from pre-recorded video or audio files. Transcription is not as easy as it seems, as accuracy is very critical in the legal field. You ought to see to it that your information has no ounce of inaccuracy in it. We are a legal transcription company that offers accuracy rate of 99.9%. One of the skills that a court transcriber has to master is excellent listening skill. Our Johannesburg legal transcription services company offers time effective services. Our transcribers offer high quality legal transcription in both same language and multilingual formats.

Johannesburg legal transcription services_Johannesburg,Pretoria, Capetown,Durban..

Johannesburg legal transcription services specialties

Frenchside’s Johannesburg legal transcription services transcribers have been fervently conducting legal transcriptions for over 10 years, thus states that they have accumulated enough experience to be labelled among the best in business. Our expert transcribers who are experienced in transcribing hearings, interrogations, dispositions etc. will assist you in any transcription service that you find yourself in need of. Johannesburg legal transcription services team members work diligently in making it a point that as soon as a client contacts us, our team members get back to them with a quote or a response of any question that the potential client has, without wasting time. Our Johannesburg legal transcription services legal transcribers conduct personal, confidential and sensitive information in legal recordings.

Johannesburg legal transcription services_Johannesburg,Pretoria, Capetown,Durban.

Johannesburg legal transcription services

  • Interrogations
  • Deposition transcripts and recorded statements
  • Judge instructions
  • Interrogations
  • Hearings
  • Conference calls
  • Wiretaps
  • Legal meetings
  • Emergency calls
  • Wills and trust documents
  • Attorney dictation
  • Workers compensation transcripts
  • Medical-legal reports and independent medical exams
  • General correspondence and memos
  • Professional work files transcription services

Johannesburg legal transcription services promises

In sum, as a Johannesburg legal transcription services company, we see to it that we hire learned transcriptionists that have gone through a proper training program. By doing so we ensure that our transcriptionists are familiar with the terminologies of the field of work that they are working at. This eliminates any chances of typos, inaccuracies or other mistakes that can take place due to allocation of transcriptionists that are not well informed about the subject that they are conducting. We are a Johannesburg legal transcription services company that is committed to providing the level of quality and services that our clients need. We have a strong confidentiality policy, and we do our best in protecting our clients’ information as they have entrusted us with it. Our Johannesburg legal transcription services will save you your law firm time and money by translating your legal recording to text.

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Johannesburg legal transcription services
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Johannesburg legal transcription services
This article explains what legal transcription services, what they entail and how legal transcribers conduct their services. It further differentiate the duties that are conducted by legal transcriber and those that are performed by court reporters.
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