Benefits of Multilingual video subtitles

Video and technology go hand-in-hand and multilingual video subtitles offer the opportunity to share information accurately and authentically with audiences around the world. It is no wonder that companies and institutions are looking for ways to share content via video with audiences around the world. A recent study by ClickZ shows that 80 percent of consumers have increased their consumption of digital content since the COVID-19 outbreak. When national lockdowns restricted people’s physical movements, the world had never been more virtually plugged into companies and brands’ communications. Everything from social media platforms to eLearning courses, corporate video has seen an increase in their viewership. The need to remain socially distant has forced people to abstain from face-to-face activities, so they spend more time-consuming videos. This surge in digital users is the perfect opportunity for any brand with global ambitions. Now is the time to push high-quality, multilingual content that’ll help you tap into your target audience: In particular, by investing in multilingual subtitles.

Multilingual video subtitles increase your audience

Globalisation and technology have allowed videos to be seen by a worldwide audience and on various channels. When your charities video subtitles are not translated and multilingual, you cut off most of the non-profit audience from benefitting from the message of your video. By translating video subtitles into the donors and beneficiaries local languages, you allow them to follow and understand your video content and allow your charity stakeholder audience to have a better understanding of your message. Translating your video subtitles means you open up the opportunity for your donors and beneficiaries to learn about your mission whether they are in Johannesburg, Kinshasa, Dakar, or Maputo. When they get educated on your charity, they learn about your cause and this means the potential to get more sponsorship and a wider audience and people see your charity as credible.

Multilingual video subtitles for better charities engagement

An added advantage of multilingual video subtitles is that they can be used as new content for your charities audience. In South Africa, NGOs which translate their video subtitles get better engagement from stakeholders. Viewers will watch 91% of a video if it includes subtitles. With no subtitles, your charity will receive low performance which will stunt your charities growth as a whole. When your subtitles are translated, more viewers globally will share your videos on different platforms and it enables your audience to comment on your translated video subtitle which they understand. The higher engagement on translated video subtitling means better reach. The translated subtitles content can be used on YouTube, social media, email, and on your website including a full transcript of the video, therefore have more engagement which will make your charity videos perform better.


Multilingual video subtitles boost ranking

By incorporating multilingual video subtitles, video content becomes accessible to a whole world of viewers. In addition to accommodating audiences who speak different languages, multilingual subtitles can also be helpful for individuals with hearing impairments or to enhance the learning process in general by providing written support that accompanies the screen images and audio recordings. In addition to meeting the needs of audiences, multilingual subtitles also help companies expand their online presence. Search engines like Google and video platforms like YouTube cannot read video content effectively; instead, they rely on the text that accompanies videos to index them. Furthermore, search engines view each language as a separate result, so one video with SRT translations can yield higher keyword rankings and produce more inbound links. By adding these translations to videos, companies can effectively broaden their reach online and around the globe.

Multilingual video subtitles are cost-effective

The benefits of Multilingual video subtitles are undeniable, and yet, it remains an incredibly cost-effective option for companies to utilize. Multilingual video subtitles have a lower overall cost compared to other options due to the minimal multimedia work. Instead of reshooting the video with multilingual actors or dubbing the audio with studio voice-over talents, multilingual video subtitles can provide subtitling in multiple languages cost-effectively. Should the content need updating, edits can be made to subtitles much more efficiently than reshooting or dubbing a new video. Another standout aspect of multilingual video subtitles is there their on/off capabilities, promoting greater viewer flexibility within a single video. Overall, multilingual video subtitles process prioritizes a company’s money and time as much as it provides accurate and meaningful content to a wide viewership.

Why choose Frenchside for your Subtitling Project?

You’re coming to the source. Since 2000 we’ve been working for specialist subtitlers in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town who outsource all the linguistic aspects of their projects to us. Plus, we also offer translation services so we can handle all the linguistic work needed ourselves which simplifies the process. That’s why we’re one of the few multilingual subtitling companies in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town you can trust to:

  • Provide highly skilled and experienced native-speaker linguists and engineers
  • Respect all local language subtitling conventions
  • Always use the most advanced and comprehensive range of translation and subtitling software
  • Meet any deadline thanks to efficient and robust production processes
  • Provide proven and effective Quality Assurance procedures
  • Work in any language and character set
  • Effectively localise your content into natural, compelling translations

Contact us today on 012 348 3134 or send us an email at info@localhost Alternatively, use our online contact page and Get a free quote.

Benefits of Multilingual video subtitles
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Benefits of Multilingual video subtitles
The many benefits of Multilingual video subtitles Multilingual video subtitles increase your audience Multilingual video subtitles boost ranking Multilingual video subtitles are cost-effective
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