Benefits of mobile app content Translation

The benefits of the mobile apps content differ according to the apps that individuals choose to use. The mobile applications, which are also known as apps, are application software that is specifically designed to operate on a mobile device, such as a tablet computer or smart phone. There are several benefits of the mobile content apps that individuals can partake in. These applications are small individuals’ software units with limited function. They differ from the apps found in a personal computer, as they are more isolated and they have individual functionality. The use of these application softwares was popularized by Apple Inc and its App store, which offers thousands of applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Although it is expected that a lot of people should be familiar with the modern technology, some individuals find it hard to comprehend the use of mobile applications. These mobile apps are divided into two categories, namely website apps and native apps. Native app are built for a certain mobile operating system, usually android iOS, while website application are apps that are used in HTML5 Or CSS and they require minimum memory device, as they operate through a computer, they user does not need any space to save their information as they get directed to a page where they will be able to save the information in the server.

Benefits of mobile App content Translation Johannesburg Pretoria Capetown Durban

Mobile app developers develop new mobile applications with great features time and again. Some mobile applications tend to do quite good and gain popularity more than the others; whereas some only get popular for a short period of time then they fade into thin air as if they never existed.  In order to enjoy the benefits of the mobile apps content, most mobile applications need to be localized as they are well known globally, so that it can be easy for users other languages to use them, as the user will be able to change the language setting to the language that they know and fully understand. Millennial age came with a great swift in the IT and technology service, as almost every one owns a smart phone and every smart phone comes with build in mobile applications, in this way we can all partake of the benefits of the mobile apps content. Most of these mobile apps are localized, while there are specific apps that are more popular in non-English speaking countries, particularly in the social media category, in this instance, the benefits of the mobile apps content fall upon those who are familiar with the language that the mobile app has been localized in.

Benefits of mobile App content Translation Johannesburg Pretoria Capetown Durban 2021 - 2022

What is mobile app translation?

Mobile app translation is the activity of translating the text in a mobile app’s menu driven interface from a certain language to another. Numerous mobile apps get created time and again, some get popular while some remain unknown to most people and even those that get popular, some of them get popular for time being then they fade into thin air, as if they never existed. There are tremendous benefits of the mobile app content in apps that have a localization option as this option helps the users who use different languages to be able to access the application’s information. With almost everyone using a Smartphone, it is almost impossible to find a phone that does not use a mobile app, as they are used for various reasons, from checking emails, shopping, playing games, exercising and while some use them for their daily routines.

The benefits of the mobile apps content translation

  • One of the benefits of the mobile apps content translation is to reach new markets in foreign countries. Providing your app in a country’s native language can increase your market share and ultimately revenue.
  • Translating and localizing keywords and data information increases their application’s profile and their brand, in linking up to particular keyword phrase searches in the app stores.
  • Localized application content increases the application’s participation, which is one of the most important standards of a successful marketing strategy.
  • It positions you as a leader that is well informed when it comes to modern technology, which automatically helps you rank higher than your competitors.
  • It enables you to interact with your clients irrespective of time and location.

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The benefits of the mobile apps content can also be seen in the different types of mobile applications that one can use. Some of these apps are payable, whereas some are free and others are built in apps, they are automatically built in inside the mobile phone. Here is a list of well known apps that individuals use for different purposes get in their everyday life:

  • Social media applications– these apps help people to keep in touch with their friends, family and extended family (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.).
  • Lifestyle apps– these apps help with planning trips or planning social lives (Swarm, Yahoo, Divvy, Slice, Moovit, etc.).
  • Travel navigation applications– these app help with finding your way around an area e.g. Google maps.
  • Information mobile applications– these kind of apps you can get any information you are in need of (LinkedIn, Google news, Feedly, Smartnews etc.)
  • Mobile game applications– these apps are used for leisure purposes were one gets to unwind while playing it.
  • Fashion inspiration applications-these apps helps individuals to improve their sense of fashion and they also help with keeping up with new fashion trends (Pinterest, the Hunt, Sketch, Vogue Runway etc.)

To sum it all up, in order to fully partake in the benefits of the mobile apps content, the mobile applications have to be translated or localized in order for them to be regarded as of great importance as they allow everyone access of being able to use them in spite of who they are and where they are based, or what language do they speak. The application developers who develop such applications do not limit their app to their country or territory, they allow the apps to be expanding and be well known without being closed off to their boarder. They are in way paving their names a way into different countries to the world at large.

Multilingual translation services offered by Frenchside

Frenchside services is a Johannesburg based translation and interpretation company that works hand in hand with a team of equipped native language speaking translators and interpreters who are knowledgeable with mobile app translation; who have been diligently conducting great translations and interpretation for over a decade. If you happen to be in need of a mobile app content translator or localizer for English, German, Portuguese, IsiZulu, Spanish, and French languages, we will gladly step in and be of help. We have a great record of keeping 90% percent of our clients, as return clients; we will surely meet your expectation and even exceed them.

Contact us for additional information about our Mobile application translation services at +27 (0) 12-348- 3134 or e-mail us at info@frenchside.co.za and we will be more than happy to hear from you, and we will surely answer all the questions you may have.

Benefits of mobile app content translation
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Benefits of mobile app content translation
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