Certified translation of Memorandum of Understanding

A memorandum of understanding (MOU or MoU) is a formalized statement of the mutual expectations of two partiess. Although not a legally binding document, an MOU represents a signed commitment on the part of two or more parties to conduct business in a specified manner.

What does a Memorandum of Understanding contain?

Looking at an MoU you will find the names of the parties involved along with certain basic details about them such as the address or father’s or mother’s name, or in case of companies, it may contain the company registration number. This is then followed by terms of the agreement which both the parties have agreed on along with the date of signing this MoU. In the end, it contains the signature of both parties along with a witness if required.

MoU Translation and Attestation Services

MoU serves as an important piece of document which helps two parties do business in a clear and efficient manner. In case you have clients from different nationalities then you will be required getting the MoU translated for them to understand and agree to.  Frenchside Translations can help you with to the point translation of your document so that the ideas and terms you convey can be understood by any party involved.


Translation of contracts is becoming a much more important factor in negotiations.  In fact, there exists a translation supply chain, defined as the communication methods used to access translation contract projects and deliver them.

Before the rise of the internet and emails, translations were of course still required for many supply chain contracts and negotiations. Business documents, like overseas contracts, invoices and orders for goods sent from one country to another had to be translated.  In addition, the translation of personal documents required for immigration or study purposes in an overseas country for ex-pats to go abroad was often required.

Frenchside is a Pretoria-based translation agency with a track record of high quality translation.  We strive to offer the lowest prices to guarantee that you never pay over-the-odds for the highest quality translation. There are no languages, volumes or deadlines that can scare us. You will constantly be offered flexible rates, short turnaround time and a diplomatic approach. whether you need a translation of a civil certificate, a complex legal document or a formatted website or technical document we are ready to assist.

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