Church Translation Equipment Systems

Do you Church Translation Equipment System to provide foreign language support to members of your congregation in Johannesburg, Cape town, Pretoria or Durban?


Our Church Translation Equipment System ( receivers and transmitter kits) can help provide language interpretation equipment to members of your congregation. More churches are hosting multi-language services as congregations grow and become more language diverseOur Church Translation Equipment System will allow your congregation to follow the service in simultaneous real time, and in their own language. This results in a higher level of involvement and interactivity that enhances participation and the overall experience.
Translation Equipment System can also usually be integrated with your existing PA equipment and be operated with little or no technical expertise.


Key Points

  • Currently, there does not exist any technology that will allow you to accurately translate your services electronically and without a human translator. You will need a real, live human translator to provide interpretation during your service, but this can be a professional or volunteers from your community.
  • The Church Translation Equipment System we carry is a series of transmitters and receivers. You give a transmitter to the translator(s) and receivers with earphones to the listeners – it’s like setting up a mini radio station inside your church that let people “tune in” to their native language.
  • There is no limit to the number of listeners you can have, as long as they each have a receiver and earphones. You can always start with a small number and expand when you are ready
  • The maximum number of languages you can provide support for at any one time is 14 (The typical number for churches is 1-3).
  • The Church Translation Equipment System also functions for assisted listening, so you can use it to provide amplification of the service for members of your congregation who require hearing assistance.


Frenchside offers a unique service and product offering to the Church translation market in South Africa.  We work closely together with congregations in Johannesburg, Cape town, Pretoria or Durban to provide the best translation equipment system within their budget requirements.  We offer free onsite technical support all over South Africa and can setup and train your interpreters on how to use our simple equipment to provide the best multi-language experience for your members. Our equipment is not only the simplest to use but offers superior sound quality, ruggedly built reliable design, extremely long battery life with up to 48 continuous hours of operation.

Our translation equipment is becoming very popular with the Church and Worship service market all over South Africa.  We specialize in providing personalized one on one customer and technical services.  We will go above and beyond to ensure your needs and expectations are always met or exceeded.


Quality and customer service is our prime focus.  Try our world class  Church Translation Equipment System and experience the difference for yourself. Affordable high quality equipment with the support that you can count on that will always there for you.Our equipment will allow your Church organization to provide excellent multi-language services that will attract more members.   Before you decide to purchase or rent anywhere else, contact us now for your best price quote.

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