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The best English language schools in Pretoria

Your guide to the best English language schools in the Jacaranda city

There’s nothing that gives one high spirits than knowing that your journey to learning the English language is well secured with a guarantee of great results. What better feeling can surpass knowing that you will learn the English language in your desired country of destination as a foreign national? It goes without saying that the best place to learn the English language in Africa is right here in the Jacaranda city. Taking an English course in Pretoria is an adventure like no other, as the city offers a unique experience and memories that will definitely last a life time.

The reason why people learn the English language

There is a number of English language schools in Pretoria that you can feed your intellect from and adequately make your stay in the country worthwhile. South Africans largely use one language to communicate between each other and that is English, therefore foreign nationals that learn the English language stand the chance of flourishing throughout their stay. If you earnestly want to learn the English language in South Africa, then Pretoria has an appealing array of professional institutions to choose from. The city has got you covered with a variety of course, from beginner’s stage to expert, private to classroom tuition.

Here’s a list of the best English language schools that you can choose to take your English course from:

The University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria offers a variety of English courses from post graduate level, undergraduate as well as a number of short courses that potentials English course applicants can choose from. The academic institution offers these courses under their distinguished Department of English.

Department of English

Humanities Building Level 16

Main Campus (Hatfield)

c/o Lynnwood Rd and Roper St

University of Pretoria

Tel: 012 420 2421

Fax: 012 420 5191

Administrative officer: Ms. Lindiwe Mtimunye

HB 16 – 14


Postal address:

Department of English

Humanities Building 16-14

University of Pretoria

Pretoria 0002

Best English Schools in Pretoria_Sandton_Pretoria East_Western Cape_Durban The University of Pretoria

Getting to know English

The schools assists individuals who originate from non-English speaking to learn the English language, so that they can communicate better, which is also beneficial to their social life.

Once off registration fee: R1 300.00

Monthly fee: R2 800.00

Tel: +27 (12) 342 5703





230 Festival Street



Best English Schools in Pretoria_Getting to know english_Sandton_pretoria_cape Town_durban

AMBASSADOR English language school

This learning institutions offers students that want to learn the English language a variety of classes to choose from online, private to conversation classes to learn the English language, that take place in a face-to-face environment for students and teachers. The fees differ according to the types, duration and times of the chosen course.



1211 South Street



Tel: 012 333 3484

Mobile no: 078 721 0541




Easy English Centre CC

This English language school is one of the learning institution that have been accredited by ETDP Seta, to offer students an opportunity to learn the English language in the Jacaranda city. Contact the institution for course information and fees.


1001 Francis Baard Street (formerly known as Schoeman Street)



Tel: 012 430 2054

Mobile no: 082 705 5222



Best English Schools in Pretoria_Sandton_Pretoria East_Western Cape_Durban


Pretoria has grown into a metropolitan structure that contains a rainbow nation. It is in this very city that colorful people from all over the world gather and fervently find the best schools to learn the English language, in order to converse better. The flashing nightlife and the busting trade, but also the tranquility of nature’s reserves prove a welcome grappling with one’s dictionary. The city famously known for its streets lined with Jacaranda trees. The benefits of being able to practice English daily, with Uber drivers, friends, classmates and all sorts of people you cross paths with. Being based in this city is quite convenient for all foreign nationals, as it hosts all foreign embassies to South Africa. There is no need for one to travel far to receive services from their country’s embassy.

In Sum, a good command of English makes one’s life less complex and flexible. People learn the English language, as it adequately makes travelling easier, makes communicating with almost everyone in the world easier, exposes one to exciting job opportunities, you can dive into rich cultures, understand more online content, opens up opportunities of studying in some of the most prestigious universities, it is fun and easy to learn, It also keeps your brain healthy as you age.

Who we are

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The best English language schools in Pretoria
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The best English language schools in Pretoria
This article serves as a guideline of the best English language schools in Pretoria for foreign nationals to feed their intellect and adequately improve their quality of stay as they converse better.
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