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Local NGOs in DRC

There are many international NGOs that provide support to Congolese communities struggling to recover from decades of conflict of ongoing violence. Despite the ongoing conflict, DRC has an abundance of natural resources; sadly, the majority of the population has not reaped the benefits of these natural resources. An ongoing humanitarian crisis has resulted from a continuous history of conflict, political upheaval and instability, and authoritarian governance. Even though Congo’s wars lessened in 2003, conflict still dominates the nation. DRC is among the five poorest countries in the world, consequently, in 2018, about 73% of Congolese lived on low incomes. As a result, several international NGOs are trying to aid DRC by addressing these issues. However, local NGOs in DRC are striving to address these concerns as well as make an enormous impact on their crisis-stricken nation because nobody knows a community better than the people who live in them. The list of local NGOs in DRC is as follows:


1.     HEAL Africa

HEAL Africa (Health-Education-community Action-Leadership development Africa) is a local holistic NGO in DRC established in 2000. The organisation provides holistic care to vulnerable populations of primarily women and children. It uses medicine with a holistic approach to training local healthcare professionals to serve disadvantaged communities. HEAL Africa formerly known as DOCS (Doctors on Call for Service), changed its name after adopting a holistic approach. HEAL Africa utilises its background in medicine treating those harmed by the ongoing conflict in DRC. The 420 local employees of HEAL Africa, including physicians, psychologists, counsellors, lawyers, educators, community actors, and pastors, are committed to enhancing the lives of Congolese today. HEAL Africa also has a hospital in Goma which applies the One Stop Centre (ONS). ONS is an approach which offers a holistic response consisting of medical care, psychosocial assistance, legal and judicial support and socio-economic reintegration for survivors of gender-based violence. HEAL Africa uses scientific and holistic medicine to aid the crises in DRC.

Local-NGOS-In-DRC-Sandton-Pretoria-Cape-Town-Durban2.     Art of Hope

We lose sight of how art may help a nation heal from constant strife when there is perpetual conflict. Three organisations that firmly believe in the potential of creative creation in Congo joined forces to co-found Art of Hope, a brand-new organisation, in 2019. The initial event’s programme featured 20 acts, performing to a crowd of 600. OSK Romance, the DRC’s first all-female classical chamber ensemble, was an act in the 2020 event. With the assistance of sponsors, Art of Hope organises a cultural event that showcases the various talents and dimensions of the Congolese arts and culture industry. They want to portray positivity with their art, beyond the clichés: a translation of beauty, art and culture; the strength of character of this beautiful and fascinating country. Art of Hope is a local NGO in DRC that aims to empower the Congolese people to take action and share the strength, talent and beauty of the country and its citizens.

Local-NGOS-In-DRC-Johannesburg-Pretoria-Cape-Town-Durban-20223.     Union pour L’emancipation de la Femme Autochtone

In the DRC, UEFA is a feminist organisation. UEFA’s goal is to increase the capacity of groups or structures of women who want their liberation in light of the country’s ongoing growth in sexual and gender-based violence. UEFA supports the socio-economic standing, legal status, and cultural status of women in Africa, specifically in the DRC. Sexual violence is a crime frequently committed in front of families and the community to terrorise and control the locals. These crimes committed during a conflict can lead to vicious cycles of violence and injustice, which can be detrimental to society. As a result, UEFA wants to support the legal and cultural status of women during this time of sexual and gender-based violence and inequality. In 2018 UEAFA won the Challenging Norms Women Powering Economies award. The award was awarded by UN Women and awarded to 12 of the best organisations in Africa and Asia that have distinguished in gender women’s economic empowerment. UEFA uses its efforts to protect women during DRC’s conflict that endangers women.

Local-NGOS-In-DRC-Johannesburg-Pretoria-Cape-Town-Durban 20224.     Savie Asbl

Savie Asbl NGO LGBT PGEL is a group of rural LGBTIQ internally displaced (IDP) & LGBTQ refugees and street sex workers. The organisation is located in Bukavu town in the South-Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Savie Asbl’s mission is to accelerate the reproductive health rights of sexual minority groups and demand equal social and economic inclusion for LGBTQ people locally, leveraging collective advocacy campaigns and empowering businesses to support the inclusion of LGBTQ groups in local communities. Although DRC does not directly criminalise same-sex sexual conduct in its Penal Code, civil society organisations report that LGBTQ people are routinely arrested and charged under Article 176 of the Penal Code, which penalises activities against “public decency.” As a result of tension between DRC’s authorities and the LGBTIQ community, Savie Asbl is determined to reduce discrimination against the community. It raises awareness among public policymakers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and globally of the economic benefit of LGBTIQ.

Local-NGOS-in-DRC-Johannesburg-Pretoria-Cape-Town-Durban-2022-20235.     Lutte Pour Le Change (LUCHA)

La LUCHA is a non-partisan & non-violent Congolese citizen movement launched on May 1, 2012, in Goma, following a fed-up of young people shocked, indignant and revolted by the situation of general chaos in the country.   La LUCHA is one of the many local NGOs in DRC  based on three sacred and inseparable pillars; the unshakeable attachment to the Congo, the awareness that it is up to the daughters and sons of the Congo and to no one else to fulfil the destiny of this great nation. Willingness and determination to take on the responsibilities that come with that commitment and awareness. In May 2022, la LUCHA celebrated ten years as a registered NGO. In its official statement, they expressed, “la LUCHA has as known victories but also failures; it is to carry out a critical analysis of the struggle led by La LUCHA activists over the past ten years.” They continued, “we are organising a framework for reflection this Saturday, to talk about the victories, failures and prospects for the future for a New Congo”. la LUCHA is an exemplary NGO that is realistic about the humanitarian field but still focuses on one cause which is a non-violent approach to keeping the sons and daughters of the DRC safe.

In the face of DRC’s occurring violence, there are local NGOs that are actively helping different types of communities. Some of these organisations focus on the arts and women’s empowerment. Others take advantage of their dominance in the healthcare industry to provide wellness to the locals. Various NGOs are there for the health and safety of the LGBTQ community and focus on civic activism. Local NGOs in DRC are out on the field and are willing to address DRC’s current chaos.

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Local NGOs in DRC
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Local NGOs in DRC
There are many international NGOs that provide support to Congolese communities struggling to recover from decades of conflict of ongoing violence. This article will discuss the local NGOs in DRC working towards a humanitarian cause.
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