Frenchside translation & secretarial services is a pioneer language translation provider in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape town. We are equipped with a team of highly professional, qualified & well-experienced translators and interpreters. The main activity of the company is to offer its clients translation & secretarial services. Ours areas of expertise include legal, technical document translation and Conference interpreting.

What is professional translation and how can it benefit you?
Translation is the process of transferring written text from one language into another. Anything that is written can be translated: advertisements, legal documents, books, games software, websites, film subtitles etc. Oral translation is called Interpreting. Interpretation can take place during conference, workshops, or at doctor consultation etc…


It’s OK to use Google Translate for a few words, especially for personal use. Perhaps you also have a colleague in the office who is handy with languages and can help with the general details. However, important documents, with a value to you personally or your business should definitely be translated by a professional. Why? Professional translations should be accurate, faithful to the original, clear and appropriate to the target market. Current machine translation cannot provide this and cannot, for example, distinguish between French or Belgian law; a professional translator can.). There are various elements involved in the translation process: language skills, cultural and field knowledge, accuracy…

How can we help you?
Are you submitting an application to Home affairs and need certified documents? Are you doing business with a French-speaking company or business associate and want to appear more professional or are you organizing a conference, workshop or site visit in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape town? Do you need to travel in a French-speaking country for business or pleasure? Buying or renting a property? As a qualified linguist who is familiar with business our Translation & secretarial services can help with:

  • certification of documents for Home affairs (marriage, birth certificates etc)
  • certified translations accompanied by an Apostille
  • translation of important documents – know exactly what you are signing up to
  • business/legal/company secretarial translation
  • Conference interpreting
  • Transcription
  • Translation Equipment for Conferences and Meetings
  • Apostille & Embassy Legalization


Who are our clients and partners?
Frenchside translation & secretarial services has organized a network of highly skilled professionals ready to complete all documentations in one of the safest hands whether in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape town. Frenchside translation & secretarial services is the first choice where you can rely in everything to be professional, perfect, accurate and secure. We have developed a team of professionals in different fields, ensuring to provide high quality, on-time & top urgent basis projects.

Quality: Our carefully chosen professional translators & Interpreters guarantee only the best. Highly experienced professional translators producing quality work which is independently proof-read and edited. When using our translation service, you can rest assured that your business is in the hands of very capable and experienced team where no compromise on the quality & confidentiality.

High Volume Capability: Over 200+ translation service specialists and certified interpreters.

Our team: Our team is ready to address all your translation needs, from small translation project to large multilingual projects. We offer a client-based approach which guarantees your satisfaction. Accuracy is a major priority in our translations. Our highly skilled translators translate the documents precisely to assure your information is accurately communicated and understood. We realize that this is important for all documents, because serious problems can arise if they are not translated accurately. As a safeguard, each translation project undergoes strict proofreading and editing procedures.

Clients: 500+ corporate and government clients in Southern africa and abroad since 2009.

We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements for our clients upon request. Frenchside translation & secretarial services translates highly sensitive documents for a variety of clients. We take your privacy seriously and ensure that the contents of all documents are kept in a strict confidentiality. All of our translators, editors, and project managers must sign confidentiality agreements

If you have any questions you’d like to discuss, please give us a call on 012 347 3134/ 081 347 6060. Alternatively, send us an email to and a member of our friendly team will get back to you.

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Our Translation & secretarial services provide a variety of business secretarial services such as document & conference translation services, transcription.
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