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What is the certificate of No Impediment?


If you’re a foreign national getting a marriage or civil partnership in South Africa, you will need to submit certain documents to the local authority including a certificate of no impediment. This document is used to prove that there is no objection to a proposed marriage. Often this document is required by overseas government bodies before they will permit a marriage to take place in that country.

Meaning of the certificate of No Impediment

The certificate of no impediment is a legal statement from your country of citizenship verifying your single status and that you are free to marry. The purpose of the certificate is to confirm to foreign authorities that there is no impediment, obstruction or objection to enter into a marriage by a citizen concerned. An impediment can include being married to another person at time you are about to get married to another one for example. Although it is widely known as a Certificate of No Impediment, it also goes by a few other names in others countries including:

  • Certificate of legal capacity in Germany
  •  Single Status Certificate in Mozambique
  • Certificate of marital status in DRC
  • Statement in Lieu of Certificate in Canada
  • certificate of celibacy in France
  • Certificate de Coutume in Cameroon


Translation of certificates of No Impediment

The document shows the names of parties involved, their names, nationalities, ages, occupations, marital status and the country in which they intend to get married. Certificates of no impediment must always be submitted in original. If the certificate was issued in a non-English speaking country a sworn translation into English have to be provided in addition to the original. In the case of international marriages with South African national a Sworn translation of the certificate of no impediment obtained from the issuing country will be definitely required by the department of Home affairs.

Sworn/ certified translation means that the translation has been done by a sworn accredited translator and that the document has to bear the translator’s stamp and signature.

Frenchside handles sworn translations of certificate of non-impediment.  Our sworn translation service handle hundreds of Civil status certificates including certificates of no impediment (or affidavits) for international marriages between South African nationals and overseas spouses.

Authentication / Legalisation and Apostilles of certificates of No Impediment

Authentication / Legalisation is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a public document is genuine. This is usually required by foreign authorities before they will allow a document issued in your country to be used for official purposes in their country. Please note that this process does not authenticate the contents of the document.

As a general rule, if your country is included in this list of countries who signed the Hague Convention – Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, you will need an Apostille stamp. For other countries (including Angola, most of the Middle East and China ), you will need a Authentication / Legalisation Certificate.

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What is the certificate of No Impediment?
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What is the certificate of No Impediment?
The certificate of non-impediment is a legal statement from your country of citizenship verifying your single status and that you are free to marry. The certificate is used to prove that there is no impediment to a proposed marriage.
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Frenchside translation Service
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  1. Gaye Allan
    February 25, 2020 Reply

    Can a No Impediment letter be applied for at port elizabeth for a person wanting to marry in Thailand.

    If so could this persons mother apply and pick up.

  2. Nonnie Sakala
    October 23, 2020 Reply

    Hi I’m a South African my partner a German we want to get married in Germany,we once applied for letter of no impedement but it expired due to I was pregnant could not travel no on 2019 November applied again at home affairs but not received till today every time I go check they tell me it’s stuck at the heard office and I’m in Port Elizabeth nowe sticker

  3. Michel Ollivier
    November 9, 2020 Reply

    Hello, I am a French citizen and my fiancée and I want to get married in SA; she’s South African, and I need to know how to get the Letter of no Impediment in Cape Town; any suggestion?

    • Sylvia
      July 18, 2022 Reply

      Did you get any reply as we have the same question.


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