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DRC business visa for South African Citizens, is a visa issued for business-related purposes. A person in possession of the DRC business visa intends to attend business meetings or conferences, connect with professional business contact, attend or conduct training, install equipment, conduct internal audits, or offer temporary services to a branch office, a local affiliate, or a client in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In order to obtain a DRC business visa you’ll need to fill out an application form accompanied by all the necessary documents needed, which will be listed below. These documents together with your application form will be submitted at the DRC embassy in South Africa before your departure for your trip.

South Africa is one of the DRC’s main importers and the two countries have formed the South Africa – Democratic Republic of Congo Trade and Investment Chamber (The SA-DRC-T&I Chamber). This was formed as a platform to establish business communities in both countries. The Chamber promotes and develops business partnerships between its members. This Chamber often requires business delegates from both countries travelling to and fro from both countries, making a business visa all more important.

Required documents for business visa in DRC for SA citizens

  • Application Form

DRC Business Visa for South African citizens _ Cost, and Requirements-sandton-capetown-durbam-pretoria

You need the business visa application form, which can be found at the DRC embassy in South Africa. Before you go there you must make an appointment first and also make sure you have all the other necessary documents with you so that you can submit them with your application form. Or you can go get your application form then submit all your documents via mail. The application form must be fully filled, dated and signed.

  • Photos

Three passport photos in colour are needed, they should be against a white background. The applicant’s full face must be fully visible, they must be directly facing the front with their eyes open. The photos must be taken in the last three months and be two inches by two inches. 

  • Passport and three copies of the main page

DRC Business Visa for South African citizens _ Cost, and Requirements-sandton-capetown-durbam-pretoria-2023

Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of return. Your passport must also have at least two blank pages. The passport should also be in good condition, it shouldn’t be torn or frayed. 

  • Identity document and Resident Permit/Visa Copy

Your national identity document from your country of origin will be required and a copy of your resident’s permit/visa ⧿ this only applies if your country of residence and citizenship are not the same. 

  • Proof of financial means

This can be in a form of a bank statement, proof of sufficient funds either on a credit card or in cash, a traveller’s cheque, or a sponsorship letter.

  • Travel itinerary

Copy of your airline ticket and round trip, showing your arrival date and date of departure, which should also include your full names. You must also provide hotel reservations or proof of address of the place where you’ll be living for the duration of your stay.

  • Copy of previous DRC visa

DRC Business Visa for South African citizens _ Cost, and Requirements-sandton-capetown-durban-2023

If you had previously visited DRC before, you need to provide a copy of your previous visa.

  • Proof of purpose of visit

You should also provide an invitation letter from the organisation you’ll be visiting, a copy can also be submitted. The letter must include the organisation’s letterhead. The organisation’s or person’s address and contact number must also be included in the letter. It should also be notarised and legalised by the DRC’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And It must state the inviter’s support and be addressed to the DRC Embassy. The purpose of your trip should be stated and lastly, it should be physically signed by the company’s representative.

  • Proof of vaccination

Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required.

  • Proof of visa fee payment

You must provide proof of payment for your visa, it must be paid in cash, if paid in cash it should be the exact amount or it can also be paid through money order, make sure you leave all the other parts blank on the form you fill for the money order and only fill the amount of money required.

The processing time for DRC business visa for South African citizens takes about 5 to 15 working days. This is also highly dependent on the country you applied for your visa application.  

Cost of the application fee and travel to DRC

These are the cost for different types of visas to travel to the DRC according to their embassy website.

Airport transit visa (One way)30-50 USD
Airport transit visa (Roundtrip transit)50-100 USD
Single Entry 
Single entry (1 month validity visa)80- 130 USD
Single entry (2 months validity visa)135-175 USD
Single entry (6 months validity visa)300-400 USD
Multiple Entries 
Multiple entries (1 month validity visa)120-170 USD
Multiple entries (2 months validity visa)150-220 USD
Multiple entries (3 months validity visa)160-300 USD
Multiple entries (6 months validity visa)400-450 USD

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DRC business visa for South African citizens: Cost and Requirements
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DRC business visa for South African citizens: Cost and Requirements
The following blog post goes into detail on how South African citizens can acquire a business visa for a business trip in the DRC. How much it costs and the requirements for the visa.
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