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Throughout many countries, students are required to provide a record of their secondary education qualifications in order to successfully apply to a higher education institution. A matric certificate in South Africa also known as a National Senior Certificate (NSC), or high school diploma are all terms that describe the qualifications that are awarded to a student upon the successful completion of their secondary education. The document outlines the grades a student has earned over the course of their studies and examinations. Universities and other higher education institutions can review the qualifications to make an informed decision on whether the individual will be granted admission to their institution.

Why would anyone need their matric certificate translated?

Matric certificate translation-sandton-pretoria-capetown-durban

It is becoming common practice for students to expand their educational aspirations and pursue the opportunity to study abroad. In any case, the need for a secondary education transcript continues to be an integral part of the application process across all foreign countries. 

Not all schools in South Africa use English as their language of instruction, but most universities do. So a learner might need their matric certificate translated from any of the South African official languages into English, for university entrance. The same instance can apply to foreign students who have a South African study visa, they would need their high school diploma translated from their country’s native language into English. Or South African learners who wish to continue with their studies in other countries or are looking for work overseas. They too would need to have their matric certificate translated into the official language of the country they are headed to.

Quality assurance measures that will exceed every expectation

An accurate translation of documents or records are crucial to ensuring the successful outcome of every translation. Frenchside Translation Agency is dedicated to providing professional services that are tailored to the needs of their clients. Our experts will evaluate every document separately, and offer clients a personalized price and service that is suited to the specific needs of their document. All translations at Frenchside will be subjected to a mandatory two-step quality assurance measure. The process will carefully examine the translation for errors or mistranslations that are inconsistent with the source text, and correct them accordingly. Moreover, we will verify that the translation adheres to the correct set of requirements that will guarantee the document’s successful admittance in its respective industry. Frenchside Translation Agency will overcome all challenges associated with translating complex texts, and effectively communicate the desired message from the source document into various language combinations.

South Africa as a signatory to Hague Convention and matric certificate translations

Matric certificate translation-sandton-pretoria-capetown-durban-2023

South Africa is a signatory to the Hague Convention of 1961, that means in order to use your documents in other countries, they would need to be apostilled and translated into the country’s language of instruction. Same applies for the matric certificate. Before your matric certificate can be translated, it first needs to be verified, then it can be translated and apostilled. Without doing any of this then it would not be recognised in other countries. Matric certificates can be verified at South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), after verification you can either send it to the Department of International Relations and Corporation (DIRCO) or the South African High Court for apostilling so that you can be able to use it overseas. 

Frenchside can fast-forward the process for you, after you verify your results through SAQA you can then send your matric certificate to us for it to be translated and apostilled. If the country you are moving to isn’t a signatory to the Hague Convention then you’ll need to go through embassy legalisation, in order to use your certified translated matric certificate in that particular country.

The process that Frenchside uses to translate matric certificates

  • The first important step is changing your document into an editable format.
  • The second step is translation, where our certified sworn translator, will then translate the document.  
  • The translated text is then edited.
  • To make sure that there are no mistakes, the translated document is then proof-read
  • The final translated document is then sent back to you, with a seal of a sworn translator.

Frenchside Translation

Frenchside Translation Agency offers services that will ensure the utmost accurate translation of your matric certificate and academic transcripts. Our experts can share their knowledge of the field to translate the document in a way that suits the individual needs of every client and their intended purpose.

Your matric certificate can be translated into any of the 11 official South African languages, as well as French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese by one of our translators. Our translators are native speakers, who will provide you with accurate and precise translations. They will translate your documents from a native perspective and be able to tackle the translation head-on without facing any difficulty whatsoever.

We promise to provide the best translation at a fixed price. You can contact us on the following numbers 081 347 6060 or 012 348 3134 for more information about our translation services. You may also visit our website at or send us an email at We will be happy to help you with any translation needs you require. 

Matric certificate translation
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