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When going for a business trip to the DRC a business cover letter is needed for your visa application. This letter details important information about your business trip to a foreign country, such as travel dates, the purpose of trip, the duration of the trip, etc. The business visa cover letter is written by the company you work for or the company you’ll be representing during your business trip and it is usually submitted with the rest of your documents and application form at your nearest DRC Embassy. Below is a sample letter for DRC business visa application

Required details for a business visa cover letter

The business visa cover letter is issued and written by your employer and is from the organisation that you work for and will be representing in the DRC. In the letter, the purpose of your trip is stated. It can be that your company sent you there to negotiate business deals on their behalf, create business contacts, broaden business partnerships or attend a conference on behalf of your company. The business visa cover letter includes the following:

  • Letterhead of company.
  • Travel dates.
  • The purpose of the business trip.
  • The duration of the trip. 
  • The company name, as well as your position in the company. 
  • The visa type you are applying for (Business Visa). 
  • Contact information of the employer Any other relevant information.

Sometimes the overseas company you’ll be visiting also writes an invitation letter. This is often to invite you to be a speaker in their conference, it can be an invite for just attendance or an invite to discuss business in general. If you receive this letter, it should also be included in your business visa application.

Sample letter for DRC business visa application

[Letterhead of Company]


[Embassy name]

[Embassy address]

Dear Consul General of [Name of Country]

This letter is to confirm that Mr./Mrs.[Name and Surname] who is employed as [job title], will be traveling to [City], [Country’s name] to represent [company name]. 

Mr./Mrs. [Name] has worked for [company name] for [number of years the employee has worked at the company] and has been key to improving relationships with our investors abroad. The business trip will be from [date of entry] to [date of exit] and will last [number of days] to do the following business-related activities [purpose of the business trip, with as much detail as possible].

Mr./Mrs. [Name] will be staying at [hotel name, address, phone number] and will return to [country of origin] on the dates specified above.

I kindly ask for the [visa type] to be issued to Mr./Mrs. [Name and surname] at your earliest convenience.

Please, do not hesitate to contact [company name] if you need additional information, regarding the business trip.

Kind regards,

[Supervisor signature]

[Name and last name]


[Phone number]

[Address of employer]

Sample Letter for DRC Business visa Application-sandton-capetown-durban-pretoria-eastRemember when writing a business cover letter your company should adhere to the following: They should only include important details regarding the business trip, and reference back to your supporting documents, state that you’ve been employed with them and also state the purpose of the business trip. These are the things they are going to consider for your visa approval. They shouldn’t include unnecessary details and they should keep the letter short and to the point. Atlys is a mobile app which helps with writing visa cover letters and has sample letters for business visa application and other cover letters needed for different visas.

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Sample letter for DRC Business Visa Application
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Sample letter for DRC Business Visa Application
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